About Us

We are on a mission to ensure that happy people win.

For too long as a generation we have focused too much on working longer, scrolling further, and swiping faster, neglecting our wellbeing and the fundamental parts of what make our minds and lives thrive. 

We believe when people are happy from within, they do more, give more and provide more of their magic to everything that matters. Their partners, work, friends, businesses, kids and community. They win. And when they win, everyone wins. All In creates happy people that win.

All In was started by Sam Jones, a social entrepreneur focusing on wellbeing platforms, and a life coach to some of the UK’s most talented young influencers and leaders. After being on government benefits and battling his own mental health struggles in 2011, he has been obsessed for over five years to solve the wellbeing problems faced in the UK and around the world.

The mission for All In© is to make practical steps to a better life accessible to all, without all the fluffiness & false promises of the out-of-date self-help world. That means providing our community easy-to-use exercises that are backed by research.

To date, Sam has launched several platforms that improve how people feel in their day to day lives. He has been a coach and advisor to over 300 people from all backgrounds: graduates, big businesses to entrepreneurs and celebrities. He has led research projects on wellbeing that have helped people from five continents assess their mental health for free.

We want you to embark on your own journey to ignite your life and mind from the inside-out. Join us on creating a happier, healthier world: it starts with you.