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traditional self-help is dead.

Develop life-hacking habits, Clear Life Direction and more confidence with our Research-backed workbook of 52 Powerful & effective exercises.


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The life coach in your pocket made from 100% recycled paper

Forget tv gurus and ‘magic pill’ fads. The All In Programme© is a game-changing workbook that takes you through 52 exercises to develop a laser-like focus, life-hacking habits and a compelling life direction.

Built from our global TIME Score research, All In© is a self improvement programme that is more than just another to-do planner, journal or diary. You gain an edge, change your thinking and transform your life from the inside-out!

Flick through a few pages of our workbook below to see a tiny part of your All In© journey!

Improve career


Work towards that next-level promotion or dream career by understanding your raw strengths (Day 26) and accessing your highest performing self (Day 19)

Strengthen relationships


Become more inspired by surrounding yourself with better people (Day 20) or build stronger connections with who you care about (Phase 3)

Boost confidence


Feel like a boss by developing powerful habits (Day 5) and completing multiple customisable challenges (Week 3, 8 & 9)


Gain future clarity


Understand unseen core values (Day 21) and build a crystal-clear vision for your next 6 months and beyond (Day 29)

Increase productivity


Pump up your discipline muscles (Day 27) and build consistency in being a master with your time (Day 36)

Overcome mental blocks


Start to untangle limiting personal beliefs that hold you back (Day 3) and turn old negative experiences into empowering fuel for success (Day 18)



Get personal training for your mind in 3 easy steps

Step 1. Receive your workbook

We ship your wonderful new workbook straight to your door the same day you order!

step 2. Customise your Journey

The exercises throughout All In© are fully customisable to you so you can focus on your specific goals and ambitions!


step 3. Get real Results

All In© has multiple check in points along the way so you can see tangible results as you progress! Our momentum boxes are amazing to see if you can beat your days-in-a-row record!




Depending on your choice to go it alone or have a team of people cheering you on, we have your back! Join a community of like-minded people, led by Sam Jones who has designated the last 6 years to reshaping global happiness and wellbeing.